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What are your athletic/international goals?

To be satisfied with my progress and effort towards reaching potential in each competition.

What does it mean to represent the Gopher WC?

It means I will give my best effort to represent the club and Minnesota wrestling.  That they have faith in me to represent them the way they want.

Zach Sanders

Highlight/best memory in international wrestling career?

A lot of memories that come to mind all include that feeling of being in the zone, competing at a super high level, winning close/hard-fought matches, sharing that experience with people I care about, and left me feeling content. 

What sets the Gopher WC apart?

We have amazing support to have one of the bigger RTCs. Everyone involved is in it together to get better. We care for each other and want to win.

College attended and degrees attained?

University of Minnesota

-B.A. in Business & Marketing Education

-M.Ed. in Applied Kinesiology

Post-wrestling professional/career aspirations?

Be involved in wrestling.

Why give to the Gopher WC? Short message to donors and prospective donors

The sport is an amazing vehicle for self development and can give the whole Minnesota wrestling community something to take pride in.  A solid foundation at the highest level gives the younger generations goals to strive for and high level people to be around and learn from.  Without support, wrestlers would not be able to see how far they can go and develop.  It is fulfilling for donors because they feel invested and they make a big difference.

Wabasha MN, 57 kg