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The Gopher Wrestling Club would like to thank you for becoming a member of our Gopher Gold Club with your generous donations and hope that you continue to support our mission as we strive to continue our success at the national and international levels. Because of your generosity, our Gopher Wrestling Club athletes have been provided opportunities to train and compete at the highest of levels, and in turn our club has been represented on national, world and Olympic teams. 

Your continued support is much needed and is greatly appreciated by our athletes and our staff, and all proceeds will contribute to training and competition opportunities for our athletes moving forward. We encourage individuals, families, and corporations to continue to support us as we will continue our efforts to grow the legacy of Minnesota wrestling and help support the needs of our future national, world, and Olympic champions. 

The Gopher Wrestling Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.



Gold Club monthly since 2021

Gold Club monthly since 2022

Gold Club monthly since 2020



Ben Brancale

Carson Brolsma

Darin Engelby

Ryan Gerhard

Tijani Karaborni

Scott Kluever

Cole Konrad

Chris Koob

Jeff Lathrop

Jamie Nelson

Jayson Ness

John Peters

Joseph Pruitt

Ryan Sather

David Thorn

Mike Thorn

William Eisch

Matt Everson

Jacob Filkins

Troy Gilbert

Daniel Johnson

Josh Krebs

Steve Lawrence

Bobbe Lowe

Nick Lyden

Nick Matousek

Scott Mooring

Marty Morgan

Matthew Nagel

Rolf Obey

Jennifer Robideau

Tyler Safratowich

Joe Scargill

Jason Schenkel

CP Schlatter

Cole Schmidt

Jake Short

Tammie Skatzka

Kevin Stumbo

Matt & Barb Tabor

Mike Tiedemann

Michelle Trulock

Tom Vaith

Leroy Vega

Dusty Wald

Clint Wester

Faris Karaborni
Jake Mellmer
Steve Polakowski
Matthew White

Gold Club yearly in 2021

Delaney Berger
Doug Bonjean
Greg Cardis
Chad Kraft
Tom Hamilton
Tim Hartung
Pat Harty
Gary Huhnerkoch
Daniel Johnson
Shawn Larson
BJ Mariotti
Al Palmer
Russel Peloquin
Kevin Powers
Tim Rice
Bob Rowell
Grant Vaith
Kyle Wheaton
Dean Zachman
Mary & Nick Zillmer

Gold Club yearly in 2022

Blake Bonjean
Joe Gribben
Pat Harty
Robbie Lawler
Jeffery Locke
Ron Malcolm
David Martin
Todd Nagel

Ron Pooley
Kevin Powers
Tim Rice
Sean Stapleton
Dale Trunkel
Pam Webster
RJW Foundation
Derek Cherne




Level 1

Monthly Update/Newsletter

Level 2
T-Shirt & 1/4 Zip
Monthly Update/Newsletter

Level 3

T-Shirt, 1/4 Zip & Vest
Monthly Update/Newsletter

Level 4

T-Shirt, 1/4 Zip, Vest & Jacket
Monthly Update/Newsletter

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