What are your athletic/international goals?

Become Olympic and World champ

What does it mean to represent the Gopher WC?

Representing the Gopher wrestling club is such an honor to me. Training and working with some of the best to do it at every level really brings me joy. God had truly blessed me with this opportunity. 

Elroy Perkin

Greenfeild, WI 74kg

Highlight/best memory in international wrestling career?

I would say the highlight of my international career was the Dave Shultz tournament in 2019. I felt great wrestling at 70 KG and beat some really good opponents.

What sets the Gopher WC apart?

What sets apart is the amount of guys we have in the room, training for the same goal. We have over ten senior level athletes plus young guys that will easily make the transition once they have completed their collegiate careers.

College attended and degrees attained?

University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Instrumental Music Education

Post-wrestling professional/career aspirations?


Full time Head Coach, RTC Coach 

Why give to the Gopher WC? Short message to donors and prospective donors

Thank you for giving me the means and opportunity to attain my goals as well as the opportunity to train and mentor a fine group of young athletes.