What are your athletic/international goals?

Olympic Champion

What does it mean to represent the Gopher WC?

Representing the Gopher RTC is an honor to me. Before I ever came to Minnesota I grew up watching a lot of teammates and coaches wrestle on the biggest stages in the world. That’s how I’ve always viewed representing the storm. Wrestling on the biggest stages with an elite team beside me 

Sean Russell

Lawrenceville, GA 57kg

Highlight/best memory in international wrestling career?

The Cuba trip is definitely the highlight to my international career so far. Great wrestling and great location

What sets the Gopher WC apart?

To me what sets Gopher RTC apart is the closeness and willingness to stay a gopher. We have a lot of guy who had unbelievable careers and have been approached to coach and wrestle at a lot of different places , but for some reason when you get in that Minnesota room no one wants to leave

College attended and degrees attained?

University of Edinboro but transferred to Minnesota for senior year. Degree in Human Resources  

Post-wrestling professional/career aspirations?


I want to open up a gym for committed athletes at the youth and high school level who are looking to earn a scholarship and help them achieve that goal.

Why give to the Gopher WC? Short message to donors and prospective donors

You are giving money to support people’s  dreams. Not only our own, but the college guys as well. I know that I wouldn’t have had the same senior season without some of the RTC guys who helped me along the way.