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What are your athletic/international goals?

Olympic Champion

What does it mean to represent the Gopher WC?

I enjoy being apart of one of the biggest RTCs in the country and Minnesota being where I wrestled in college, I am able to give back and help the program by training with college guys on the team. I am thankful I am still involved in the program I grew to know and love.

Tony Nelson

Highlight/best memory in international wrestling career?

Competing in Vladikavkaz Russia. It’s a cool town tucked in the mountains of southern Russia near the country of Georgia and the fans are wild about wrestling. The stands were packed all day long with people intently focused on wrestling!

What sets the Gopher WC apart?

We are a family! When we go to training camps at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, we are always the most represented group out there. We stick together. 

College attended and degrees attained?

University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering

Post-wrestling professional/career aspirations?

Looking to get a job in the Engineering field

Why give to the Gopher WC? Short message to donors and prospective donors

We are one of the top RTCs in the country and we have a great staff and athletes that are always trying to improve on the things we do. 

Cambridge MN, 125 kg