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Gopher Wrestling Club's NCAA Fantasy Pool

You are invited to participate in our second-annual Gopher Wrestling Club NCAA Fantasy Pool! All proceeds will directly support the Gopher Wrestling Club at it's athletes. The top-eight participants will be recognized as "All-Americans" on our website. Who will make the podium this season?


*** Unfortunately, per NCAA gambling rules, NO PRIZES can be awarded. 


What You Need to Do:

  1. Click the SIGN UP button above. This will take you to Donor Box where you will set up an account to make payment.

  2. After payment submitted you will get an email from Donor Box to the email you provided them. The Group Name and Password will be provided in this email.

  3. Click on the following link to register for a wrestlestat account .

  4. Visit  to join the group GopherWrestling with the password provided in the Donor Box email. Make sure you are logged into your wrestlestat account,


*If you need to locate the group from the home Wrestlestat page you can follow the following prompts.

Fantasy-> Tourney Pool-> and it should show your account if you have successfully joined. If it does not show your account, click "Join A Group", scroll down to GopherWrestling and enter the password provided in the Donor Box email.


Rules for play:

You will select 10 wrestlers, 1 per weight, while staying under your total allotted 1000 points. Each wrestler's point value will be based on his seed. Example: 1 seed=200pts, 2 seed=180pts,...., 16 seed=20pts, unseeded=10pts. The same scoring format is used at the NCAA tournament. There will 3 tie-breaker questions that need to be answered after selecting your team. They are based on the actual points earned by the top 3 schools in the tournament. 


Users are able to make or update their selections whenever they want until 10:00AM Eastern, March 17, 2022. At this point all selections are locked and you will be able to look at other user's selections in the group. WrestleStat’s website will update scoring after each session. 


Anyone donating $50 can join the group. Spread the word and get others to join in the fun and have a chance to GWC Fantasy All-American. Anyone that has failed to submit $50 donation prior to the NCAA tournament starting will be ineligible for one of our eight All-Americans.


If you have any questions you can reach out to Cody Arnold at

2022 All-Americans

National Champion - Mike Tiedemann

2nd - Tom Vaith

3rd - rocky22

4th - Jack & Jason O'Brien

5th - Brett Lawrence

6th - Sam Sand

7th - Sonny Fite

8th - Ryan Gerhard


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