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What are your athletic/international goals?

My goals are to make Olympic/world teams and accumulate medals at all tournaments. 

What does it mean to represent the Gopher WC?

It means a lot to be a part of the Gopher WC family. It’s such a family oriented environment and it’s an honor to have a club that provides us the ability to continue training post college to chase our athletic dreams.

Daniel DeShazer

Wichita, KS 57kg

Highlight/best memory in international wrestling career?

I’d say my best international memory Would have to be the experiences more than anything. Competing on foreign land and interacting with different cultures are such an eye opener. 

What sets the Gopher WC apart?

Big Team, lots of Partners unlike other RTC’s, opportunity, and we get to mentor the gophers as well as train with them.


College attended and degrees attained?

University of Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in Exercise Science.  

Post-wrestling professional/career aspirations?


Once I’m done competing, I plan on taking the fitness industry head on and eventually starting my own multipurpose faculty. Also seeking strength and conditioning jobs and real estate. 

Why give to the Gopher WC? Short message to donors and prospective donors

t’s a great family to be apart of. The ability to watch athletes grow and for you to be apart of that is irreplaceable. With your help, we are able to continue training and hopefully bring home Olympic medals. Without you, none of this would be possible and we are truly thankful for your contributions and support moving forward.